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Philosophy? WTF??
Two old dudes talk ideas
Category: Philosophy
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July 07, 2020 10:00 PM PDT

This week WAR! What is it good for? Reflection on the human condition as it turns out. Listen in as Mike and Danny act all tough over the phone but avoid actual face to face confrontation. Yes, this week we consider the 1936 film version of HG Wells “Things to Come” - an epic exploration of human savagery, nobility and indomitable exploration of the universe or an hour and a half promotional video for Engineering and Science degrees? Is shooting anyone who looks like they may be unwell the answer to stemming a pandemic? Are togas more civilised than furs? Is it really morally defensible to bomb people into a utopia? Yes all of this plus dramatic speeches and heroic posturing. Join us as we march on the space gun! It’s ether all of this podcast or nothing! Which shall it be? Which shall it be!!!?

July 01, 2020 03:09 AM PDT

This week take to the road with Danny San in search of honour and glory. Listen in unbounded admiration as Danny comes to the defence of the weak and disadvantaged while Mike sneaks round the back to make off with their valuables. What is the ethics of responsibility? Who can afford honour? Is expediency the only pragmatic route to survival and is honour an outmoded concept always destined to end up in the mud missing it's trainers and it's phone? As ever, take a side and ride

June 23, 2020 10:26 PM PDT

Tune in this week as Mike and Danny start to listen to the voices in their heads OR are the voices listening to Mike and Danny? How coherent is our identity? What would it take to separate out one voice from our internal cacophony? If only there were some sort of medication we could take? Step forward Dr Jekyll and his patented bottled "two weeks half board in Ibiza” guaranteed to lubricate the ID and release the good time in even the most upright of individuals. Don’t like the idea of swigging back some suspicious Victorian snake oil? Well why not take out a contract on a personal AI. Easy to install and use simply attach it to your brain stem and let it do all the driving for you. Who is wearing your meat suit and what are they doing with it? Pay as you go available.

June 16, 2020 10:46 PM PDT

This week the lights have gone down, the adverts have run and the trailers have been noted. Join Mike and Danny as the annoying kid behind them starts kicking the back of their seats while the couple next to them keep checking their phones and talking too loudly. What do we have to hope for? Are children really the future or are they just the repetition of all our past mistakes in hipper clothes? What is our responsibility for the things that we bring into the world? Are there things that human beings ought not to know and ought not to do or is everything fair game? Join Mike and Danny at the movies and find out in this weeks double feature. Please don’t slurp your drinks too loudly and if you are going to do THAT then please take it to the back row of the auditorium. Your cooperation is appreciated.

June 09, 2020 10:42 PM PDT

Having dragged their way through the historic corridors of philosophy Danny and Mike emerge from the mists of time in need of some R & R, a good long bath and some clean clothes. Listen in this week as our weary philosonauts hang up their togas, berets and black roll-neck jumpers and put their feet up for a well earned change of pace and a large glass of something tasty from the cellars. Sink back into the WTF wingback leather chairs as teams of house servants return the piles of learned tomes to their shelves and proper Dewey classifications in the library wing. Yes, it’s movie night at WTF mansions and you can be sure that both Mike and Danny will leach any conceivable fun from the experience by squeezing the philosophical juices out of every thing they see. So grab a slice of pizza, pour yourselves a drink, turn the lights down low and prepare for a very long film night indeed

June 02, 2020 10:55 PM PDT

This week listen in with all due deference as Danny and Mike … no, hang on, I’m not doing this. Why should I impose a narrative on you? The cast is out there now, you make of it what you will. Look, I’ll even leave you space to construct your own blurb, enough of this authorial priority, you go to it. I’ll just sit here and watch. Away you go then. [

] There, see, not as easy as it looks is it? Oh yes, we all want to march to the beat of our own drum and throw away the rule book but then what? I’ll tell you what, it’s straight back home to mum and dad to borrow money and do your laundry. Get a job ya hippy!”

May 26, 2020 10:04 PM PDT

Pst, hey, kids, do you want some po-mo? Don’t sweat it brah, this is the good stuff won’t make you go blind or nothing. No this is quality stuff and the best of it is the first hit is absolute free. Yeah, you heard us, Danny and Mike are hooking you up with the real deal and it will set…you,,,free! No more living in a world that’s already written oh no, with our high grade po-mo you can play by your own rules like it weren’t no damn thing. That’s right, it’s the hottest thing on the streets and we mean territory not some damn street map. Don’t you be fooled by none of that bogus stuff people be scamming you with, this stuff is 100% pure local, uncut with any of that meta shit. So don’t be getting all grand you dig? Put some swagger in your walk with po-mo and say “Foucault You” to the man. (Don’t do drugs, stay in school).

May 19, 2020 10:34 PM PDT

This week, Mike succumbs to the pressures of the time and mentions Wittgenstein before Danny does. Listen in with mounting disappointment as Danny makes the obvious Lyotard gag - low hanging fruit bro, low hanging fruit. What is the condition of postmodernity? Who was the irritating student who suggested that the movement following postmodernism should be called post-postmodernism? Guess at the kind of grade they received for their final philosophy exam, go on, guess! Yes this week, as with every week, perception is all and incredulity stalks the streets looking for gods to dispatch. In a fair fight, who would win out of a Foucault and a Chomsky? What is your story? Do you like green eggs and ham? Where would you eat them? Here or there? Perhaps you wouldn’t eat them anywhere? Yeah Sam-I-Am, peddle your green grand narrative elsewhere we ain't buying!..well, perhaps just a bite

May 12, 2020 09:58 PM PDT

This week the pressures of lockdown start to get to Danny and Mike. Listen in as their narratives begin to unravel and they appear to waffle on about anything that comes into their heads under the pretext of a postmodern disposition. Join them in their new stories or are these just the old stories seen from a different perspective? Are they absolutely right in abandoning their previous absolute convictions? Are scones and jam part of an imperialist metanarrative? Were the Tracy family philanthropists or glory seekers and where did all their money come from? All of this and whatever else you'd like to read into it is yours this week for the low low cost of 20+ minutes of your life. What would you be doing with it anyway?

May 05, 2020 10:17 PM PDT

This week listen with your head cocked to one side, in a bemused and slightly suspicious way, as Mike confesses that while he loves fish and chips he has no desire to sleep with them. Raise your hand and fan you face in the wake of Danny’s confession that he built his daughter out of leftover body parts - he says that, right? Yes, wacky Wittgenstein is at it again, taking the words and phrases we love so well and making them perform for us in a Renaissance ruff while riding a unicycle. In this final episode on the great man see Ludwig leaning up against language, his leather jacket open to the waist and a tooth pick playing around his mouth - rules? He plays by his own rules.

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